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Annual Bloodborne Pathogens Training

Monday, February 23, 2015  Last night, several members from Aberdeen Fire Department gathered at the main station for our monthly EMS drill to complete our annual training requirement on Bloodborne Pathogens. Instruction was lead by Paramedic Jeffrey Sexton and there was over 50 members in attendance. Do you know how to practice "Standard or Universal Precautions?"



New MSP Helicopter Training

Monday, November 24, 2014  Members of the Aberdeen Fire Department joined the members of the Level Volunteer Fire Company for a training drill last night on the familiarization of the new AW139 helicopters of the Maryland State Police Aviation Command.



Water Supply Drill at Father Martin's Ashley

Monday, July 29, 2013  On Monday July 29th, 2013, the Aberdeen Fire Department and Level Volunteer Fire Company conducted a Water Supply Drill, drafting from the Susquehanna River supplying the dry hyrdrant system.

Special thanks to Father Martin's Ashley and the Level Volunteer Fire Company for letting us hold the training and for Level for participating.

Crews used hard sleeve suction sleeves and 3" hose to supply the dry hyrdrant system. 

Below are a couple pictures taken on the scene, one courtesy of Level Volunteer Fire Company..



Vehicle Extrication Training at the Main Station

Saturday, July 13, 2013  On Saturday July 13th, 2013 Lieutenant Randy Piper and Captain Joshua Montague held a drill on Vehicle Extrication, in multiple scenarios that are encountered on accident scene.

Crews worked with various stabilization techniques as well as the Jaws of Life to drill and familiarize themselves with working with the equipment.  Training was well attended by all, on an excessively hot morning and afternoon.

A job well done by all, and thank Lieutenant Piper and Captain Montague for there time and effort.

Below are a few pictures snapped during the event.



Tower Refresher Training

With the return of Tower 231 several members attended a scheduled refresher training with the vehicle. Items covered included basic set up and operation, operations from the platform and drivers were able to go through a cone course. Each refresher lasted approx. 2 hours.



Vehicle Extrication Drill

Monday, July 20, 2009 19:00 Members of the Aberdeen Fire Department conducted Vehicle Extrication Drill this evening starting at 1900 hrs. The focus of the scenario was on stabilization. Officers initially encountered a multi vehicle collision with several occupants trapped. Personnel were divided up into three separate crews and given the task of stabilizing the incident and gaining access to occupants. Since the crane was not allowed in the operation crews used a variety of different equipment to accomplish their task. Equipment was cleaned and returned to service at approx. 2200 hrs.



Ladder Drills

Department personnel and apparatus traveled to the MFRI North East Regional Training Center out on Aberdeen Proving Ground Military Installation. Personnel refreshed their knowledge and skills on the use of different ground ladders.

MFRI Burn Building

MFRI Burn Building


NEW Hurst Quick Connects

Friday, July 25, 2008  New Hurst quick connects have been added to Rescue 251.




Monday, April 21, 2008  Training was conducted this evening on new SCOTT 75 SCBA air packs. The new packs were recently purchased by the department to replace the entire supply of breathing apparatus. Training is being conducted with every member to ensure competency prior to the packs going in service. In addition to the new air packs, the Department is upgrading to the AV-3000 face piece, which every member will be issues their own personal mask.




Monday, February 18, 2008  Members of the Aberdeen Fire Department participated in a drill on water related emergencies. The drill began around 1930 hours with 30 minutes worth of classroom material. The class room portion contained an overview of swift water, cold water, and ice rescue emergencies. After the classroom material was covered, units were taken to Aberdeen Proving Ground. While at APG members were able to train with cold water suits, and practice various skills in the water. Water temperature was at 37 degrees at time of training. Training was conducted by Captain Steve Hinch (TRT-1) and lasted until 2230 hours.



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